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Activate your Islander e-mail account

It's how Islanders communicate!

Your Islander student e-mail address serves as a critical component of our University’s ability to communicate with you. Via this e-mail address, you will receive official University correspondence, updates, billing notifications, and emergency announcements (in cases of a campus emergency).

If/when you register for an Orientation program, a confirmation will be sent to your Islander e-mail address. As a result, it is very important to activate your account prior to registration so that you may receive these materials.

New Users

Students: New admitted students will need to claim their Island ID. Follow this link and click on “New User.” You will need to have your A-Number ready, which should have been provided in your university acceptance letter. After clicking the button, follow the steps that are given.

Please note: You will be prompted to enter your “Account Recovery Info,” which is necessary to change or reset your password in the future. Be sure to enter the requested information.

Faculty and Staff: Fill out an Account Request form available by contacting the Information Technology Help Desk. Please call 361-825-2692.

Changing Your Password:

Passwords expire on a regular basis, so changing a password before it expires can help you avoid extra steps. Please enter your Island ID and current password in order to set up a new password. Your new password can be used immediately in any system that uses Island ID. Follow this link and click on "Change Your Password."

Note: If you have not already done so, please remember that it is important to follow the link above, click on "Account Recovery Info” and fill in the required fields.

Forgotten or Expired Password:

You will not be able to retrieve your old password, but you can reset it and create a new password. Click on “Need a New Password” within this link.

Note: You will need to have entered your account recovery information in order to complete this process. If you have not already done so, follow the above link, but click on “Account Recovery Info” and follow these steps before hitting the “Need a New Password” button.

Island ID is Used for the Following:

Access to campus computers
Library computer resources
Falcon web accounts
Islander e-mail
Exchange e-mail
Wireless access at TAMUCC
TAMUCC scholarship website
Camden Miramar website
Other resources are being implemented regularly.

More Information

More information on Islander ID and account can be found here :