How do I enroll in the Islander Launch Online course?
After you have successfully registered for the online option here, your hold will be removed and you can begin working with your Academic Advisor to register for classes. You will also need to enroll in your online course in Blackboard following the steps here.
Is it possible for me to register for classes without attending Islander Launch?
No, a registration hold is placed on all first-year student accounts and the hold will not be removed until you register for Islander Launch. 
I am an international first-year student. Do I have to complete the Islander Launch Online course?
No, all new international students are required to attend New International Student Orientation. For more information about this event, e-mail the Office of International Education at
How much does it cost to attend Islander Launch?
The non-refundable fee is $75 per student. Payment is required at the time of registration online via credit card. 
Can the registration fee be waived or deferred?
Student fees can only be deferred for students who have:
  • accepted a financial aid award in SAIL,
  • have bacterial meningitis holds removed from their account, and
  • have TSI scores or exemptions on file.
If you are eligible to defer your student fee to be included in the fall tuition bill, email before reserving a seat (because the fee is non-refundable and non-transferable).
Why am I having trouble registering online?
If you experience difficulty accessing the online registration system try using a different browser. If you can access the system but cannot complete your reservation, the following reasons may explain why:
  • You are using browsers that are not compatible with the reservation system (Safari or Explorer). Try using Chrome or Firefox instead.
  • You have not been admitted for the upcoming semester. Check your application status here.
  • The Office of Recruitment & Admissions does not currently have your TSI scores or exemptions on file. 
  • The Office of Recruitment & Admissions does not currently have your bacterial meningitis vaccination document on file. 
  • If you have problems registering and are unable to determine a cause, e-mail
I submitted my required documents, but still have a TSI or BMV hold on my account that prevents me from completing the reservation process?
If you are unable to register for a launch date due to missing TSI or vaccination documentation that has already been submitted, contact the Office of Recruitment & Admissions to make sure they received your document and to confirm whether additional information is required.
I have registered for Islander Launch Online. What happens now?
Once you have registered, check your Islander e-mail regularly for updates. Students will receive a detailed message sent to their Islander e-mail with more information.